Collaborative Performance

This project was created as part of a callout advertised by Benji Appleby-Tyler on CuratorSpace.

The selected artists were sent an ‘IDEA Portable Protest Kit’ in the post and asked to follow the instruction manual to construct a ‘soap box’ from the materials supplied.

Each artist was then asked to create an individual performative in response.

Due to lockdown restrictions, local rules were to be followed regarding the location of any filming.

The submitted works were then collated by Benji into a group performance video.

This work is based on freedom of speech and the use of ‘soap boxes’ for impromptu speeches.


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Please click on the ‘Collaborators’ title above for more information about each artist who took part in this project.

Below are links to each artists individual video.

Benji Appleby-Tyler
Ethan Moss
Joyce Branagh
Elisha Fall
Hinna Khan
Emma Finch
James Appleby and Katherine S Harrison
Rob Verrill


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